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Hey ! Good days to you!

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Hey ! Good days to you!

Welcome to Shida's blog. Im Shida, Owner this blog.Please respect me. That has many RULES at here. Thank you.


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Saje try
29 December 2017@Friday, December 29, 2017

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I buy bodyshop product
11 June 2017@Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hey guys! Actually dah lama tak update this blog. I'm fucking busy with my student life. And you know what? I'm 20 years old now. I'm getting old but yeah! I'm still young kayh. What I do in my life right now is getting fat. HAHAHA. Its totally sick of my life actually because my diet plan always failed. Ouh yeah, I'm studying physiotherapy and I really don't love it because I hate science. HAHAHA. Ouh alright. I just wanna say that thebodyshop now is on sale.
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